Welcome to HANDS from HEAVEN

Remedial Therapy Clinic.

Change is happening NOW! 

First our clinic space was EXPANDED & RENOVATED in April this year, and now ...

From Thursday 4th October -

Jacob's Provider Status becomes recognised by HICAPS & the Health Funds, so he advances to the big stage and joins the Remedial Team and is now included on the HICAPS Terminal in clinic...


From Friday 12th October - 

Kenji joins our Therapy Team bringing Traditional Japanese Techniques with him. He has 10 years experience across both Eastern & Western Remedial Massage Therapy, and is recognised as a Provider with HICAPS.

From Monday 15th October -

Alison brings 1-on-1 Therapeutic Yoga to clinic ... $90/session for personalised and attentive Therapeutic Yoga here at HANDS from HEAVEN - Remedial Therapy Clinic. Initially Alison will be available 4 days every week - with plans to increase availability as popularity grows!

From Saturday 3rd November -

Lynda joins our Therapy Team to pick-up the role of Relaxation Massage Therapist. She will be offering Relaxation Massage only to begin with, but has great plans to introduce additional modalities (including Aromatherapy Massage) over the next few months ... and her Reflexology Qualification Up-Date is not very far away either ...

Who do we still need in our Team?

I am Currently seeking BOTH :
Female Remedial Massage Therapist ... specifically someone happy to work some evening shifts. 
When Ange left us, she left a growing client base of people who prefer to be treated by a Female Therapist, and also prefer to come after work ... we need someone to take on this client load ASAP.

Qualified Acupuncturist ... preferably someone who is looking to establish themselves and pioneer the introduction of Acupuncture in this clinic. The ground work has been done - and reasonable interest has been identified among our current client base for Acupuncture ... Someone was ready to start - then her situation changed. There is a variety of shifts available throughout the week ... do YOU want to be our Go-To in-House Acupuncturist?

go to the 'Meet our Team' page to read more about each of our Therapy Team!

HANDS from HEAVEN is a Remedial Massage Clinic in the heart of Stafford, Brisbane 4053. We have been open in Pateena Street for over 11 years now, and have solidly cemented ourselves into our community.

The Team has changed a bit over the years, but our commitment to our community has not, and we are very proud to be a 7 Day Clinic - Opening at 7am and Closing at 9pm - Monday through to Friday ... and Opening at 8am and Closing at 4pm on Saturday's & Sunday's.

We believe you get better value for your money when you come to our clinic, and here are just a few reasons why ...

  • We have an Electronic and ONLINE Appointment Diary that operates in real-time, showing you what is available NOW. A simple 'How To' for the online booking portal can be found on the What to Expect in Clinic page of this website.
  • Everyone is offered a FREE bag of Epsom Salts to take with them after their massage - EVERY TIME!
  • Health Fund Rebates apply to Remedial Massage Treatments only - most funds process On-the-Spot through our HICAPS Terminal.
  • Concession Discounts for Low Income earners available to Remedial Massage Treatments only.
  • Relaxation Massage priced at Concession Rates for everybody - because Health Fund Rebates DO NOT APPLY to Relaxation Massage.
  • Gift Vouchers, Loyalty Discounts & Referral Rewards all available.
  • Remedial Treatments and Relaxation Massage both available.
  • CURRENTLY - We have 5 Remedial Massage Therapists (4 Male & 1 Female). 1 Relaxation Massage Therapist, AND a Resident Yoga Instructor (providing individualised 1-on-1 Yoga Instruction) available, offering more than 145 hours of Available Treatment Time - EVERY WEEK !

Individual Therapist availability is defined on their profile, available through the 'Meet Our Team' page of this website. Everybody's availability is updated regularly and maintained to reflect exactly what is happening in clinic. Please KNOW that - aside from anything else -you can always trust what you find on our Online Appointment System (The Power Diary).

Our philosophy on massage is that every physical body is different and has individual needs. We encourage open and clear communication between Client & Therapist during your massage to help us provide what YOU need today. We also like to promote an atmosphere that is professional but relaxed ... Professional so that everyone understands that we are serious about our business, but relaxed enough to feel comfortable.

Further, all our therapists are current and financial members of appropriate Professional Associations which means you can claim a rebate for our treatments with your health fund depending on your personal level of coverage. To make claiming easier for you as well, we are HICAPS capable. More information about HICAPS and participating Health Funds can be found on the 'HICAPS' page of this website, or through the HICAPS website directly at - www.hicaps.com.au 

To make an Appointment:

Call us on (07) 3352 5334   or

Email at reception@handsfromheaven.com.au   or 

Book Online through our Client Portal by clicking the button below.

Clinic Hours:

Monday to Friday : 7:00am - 9:00pm

Saturday & Sunday : 8:00am - 4:00pm

Public Holidays ...

We are usually open on MOST Public Holidays - with reduced hours.

There are 4 days every year that Clinic will always be Closed - and they are:

Good Friday - Christmas Day

Boxing Day & New Years Day!

Please always check our Online Appointment Diary (the Power Diary) for reliable and up-to-date information regarding the specific 'Who and When' of Therapist Availability.