FAQ's & Urban Myths #1 ...

What makes Remedial Massage different from any other Massage?

When it comes to massage - in very basic terms, all massage techniques originate from the Swedish Relaxation Techniques taught in every massage course wherever you learn it ... Swedish is the Cornerstone of Massage Techniques.

When you study a Diploma (or higher level) of Massage Therapy, you are taught to assess your client before and after every treatment so that you can gauge the benefit of your treatment for their complaint.

And now I hear your next question ... What is involved with Assessment? ... An Assessment Process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Orthopaedic Tests (similar to what a Physio would do);
  • Observation of how your body moves;
  • Discussion (Q&A) about your presenting condition, injury or pain presentation; and
  • Palpation of how your muscles feel (tight, toned, relaxed, etc).

It is that Assessment Process that makes a massage Remedial - and that is why Remedial Massage is something you can claim on Private Health Insurance and not Relaxation Massage.

If you want to understand this more, please go to the Remedial Treatment V's Relaxation Massage page of this site for a more direct comparison betweeen the 2 ... or you can always contact us in clinic for more information.