FAQ's & Urban Myths #2 ...

What is involved in an Assessment Process?

An Assessment Process is designed to give your Therapist understanding about what might be causing your pain and or mobility restriction. There is a wide selection of Clinical Tests that every Remedial Massage Therapist is trained in - and these tests are very similar to what a Physiotherapist might do to assess an injury.

Clinical (or Orthopaedic) Testing can identify specific structures that can cause pain or restriction, but they are not the only Assessment Protocols that we can use to find out more about your problem.

Sometimes the prominent problem is visibly obvious ... Sometimes we can get enough information through discussion with you ... Sometimes the best information is how your muscles feel when we touch them.

Any of these processes - or quite commonly a combination of 2 or more of these processes - make up the Assessment Process that we will put your through both before and after your massage so that we know how effective our treatment has been ... and (of course) that is what makes your massage Remedial!