HANDS from HEAVEN is a community focussed business, with a strong belief that combination and variety is the best approach to optimal health care. While it is great to have a primary therapy (or Therapist) you turn to for most of your health concerns, we believe that no one therapy can provide everything you need ... it is prudent to create a network of therapy to cover all your bases. It is my personal belief that Remedial Massage is a great Primary Therapy, and the benefits from massage can be well supported (and even enhanced) by looking after your body functionally and nutritionally as well.

Sometimes the physicality of a Remedial Massage Treatment might not be quite appropriate for your body at that time, so it is very beneficial to the conservation of your health care - and your ability to function in life - to have Back-up Therapies that you can turn to at those times ... these might include other styles of Massage (eg: Shiatsu), Acupuncture, Chiropractic or Reflexology and the like.

This page of our website serves to share with you the people we trust and recommend if you are looking for other opportunities to balance your health and well-being ... The blurbs for each business has been pulled directly from the Website or FaceBook Page for that business - and the hyperlink will take you directly to that page, where you can find further information about these businesses.

CrossFit ROAR Gym ... the home of CrossFit in Stafford.

We are a purpose built and affiliated CrossFit facility located in Stafford on the Northside of Brisbane. With membership space now available and all fitness levels catered for, contact us now to find out how to get your CrossFit journey started! 

Muscle Remedy - Massage Therapy ... This is Jacob's business, and he offers MOBILE Treatments.

Jacob is one of our Male Remedial Massage Therapists here in clinic, but he also has his own business - and he offers a Mobile Service as part of his business. If you need treatment - but can't make it into clinic - I highly recommend you contact Jacob to organise a Home Visit!

Gentle Hands Massage ... Lymphatic and Oncology Massage Specialist in North Lakes.

Expert treatment - specifically with:

Management of Lymphoedema and Lipoedema;  Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage;  Oncology Massage;  and Compression Garment Fitting.

Clear Skies Yoga ... Yoga studio in Brisbane, providing a variety of classes to suit just about everyone.

Specialising in group and 1-on-1 classes focussing on alignment & fun ... NOW AVAILABLE 4 DAYS EVERY WEEK  - in-house here at HANDS from HEAVEN!

PEPT Albany Creek ... Your Local Personal Fitness business - "CREATING HAPPIER, HEALTHIER LIVES THROUGH POSITIVE ACTION!"

PEPT Albany Creek pride themselves on delivering serious results, seriously fast! Make sure you like their facebook page so you can keep up to date with all the latest fitness news and tips you can use at home.

Happy Healthy Humans ... Remedial Massage in Wynnum, with particular interest for Paediatric (children's) Massage.

Remedial Massage Treatments including Trigger Point therapy, Myofascial Release, stretching and Myofascial cupping, also Swedish Massage.

Happy Healthy Humans currently does not have a website, so for more information please find them on FaceBook.

Blissed out Bubs ... Baby Massage Professional in Ferny Grove, Brisbane.http://karenstitt.com.au/

Blissed Out Bubs offers Baby Massage and Baby Swimming Lessons. Our belief is to equip caregivers with the tools to confidently interact with their baby.

Blissed out Bubs currently does not have a website, so for more information please find them on FaceBook.