Natalie - Remedial Massage Therapist

Diploma of Remedial Massage Certificate IV in Massage Therapy. 

I am available for appointment 2 days every week :

Tuesday's & Thursday's - 2pm to 9pm.

Hi! I’m Natalie - one of the Remedial Massage Therapists here at HANDS from HEAVEN. I was born and grew up in Ireland and moved to Australia in March 2013 because I wanted to travel and create new experiences and memories.

I have always worked with people in the public sector, particularly the Hospitality Industry where I gained vast knowledge & experience in customer service, but I always wanted to help people in more of a hands-on way. For me – massage was the perfect place to start this part of my journey, and so far, I have loved every minute of it! I believe that waiting until I was a little older before beginning in Health Care and Massage was right for me because my past experiences have helped mould me into the person I am and allows me to be the therapist I want to be.

My approach to massage therapy is to feel as I go, using my palpatory skills to identify what needs to be done. I believe that every person is unique and a technique that is suitable for one person may not be so suitable for another. Taking the time to feel the muscles and pin-point the issues allows me to work with you to find the most suitable techniques and treatment for you and your needs today. This way you stay as comfortable and relaxed as you need to be while we work together to achieve your goal.

I enjoy using Longitudinal Gliding - a simple and effective technique that stimulates blood flow and calms the nerves, and a great way to connect different regions of the body … but I also use Myofascial Release to improve range of motion, and Trigger Point Therapy to release stubborn knots, and these allow me to penetrate deeper into your muscles and help you feel like a new person.

I also have a special interest in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Massage. This technique helps encourage the natural lymphatic flow through your body and can assist with swelling and fluid retention. MLD is always performed lightly because of where the lymphatic system is in your body, and slowly so that your lymphatics are not overwhelmed … remember – slow & steady wins the race.

My personal goal is to help as many people as possible. I think massage is still not as recognised as it should be (regarding the support it provides for maintaining optimal good health) but with more education people will see how effective and beneficial massage can be to their lives … let me help and educate you!

I am excited to join the Therapy Team here at HANDS from HEAVEN and look forward to meeting (and treating) as many of you as possible in the near future.