FAQ's & Urban Myths #7...

Massage is just a luxury, right ... ? ...

Contrary to what some people might tell you - NO, massage is definately not just a luxury.

Once upon a time you would only see massage at the Beauty Parlor ... some of the general population today might still associate Massage with seedy places in dark alley's ... (thankfully) others associate massage with Elite Sports People and World Class Athletes ... but the truth is that Remedial Massage is available to everyone, everyday - and the sensible people are using it to stay in good health!

The global community is continually turning to natural solutions for manufactured problems. Across all aspects of life, people are recognisng that natural remedies have greater potential for longer lasting, more sustainable resolution to man-made/caused problems and complaints.

Remedial Massage is the Natural Remedy for Man-made/caused problems and complaints associated with your body and how it functions. Everybody has responsibilities in life - and everybody needs to stay healthy and functional to attend to their responsibilities ... Keeping fit helps keep you healthy - and Remedial Massage helps keep you functional.

It's true a great massage can leave you floating on air, and it is easy to think of that feeling as a luxury seldome experienced in life - but don't forget a great massage also keeps your body capable of doing the things you need to do everyday ... (those resonsibilities we mentioned earlier)... like going to work - raising your kids - caring for aging parents ... just living life in general is so much easier when you care for your own body.

The catch phrase I like best on this subject is simple -

How can you look after those you love, if you don't look after yourself first?

Getting a massage isn't a luxury by any stretch of the imagination ... it is the best way of stopping your body from breaking down. Nobody ever questions it when you service your car - so why feel the need to justify servicing your body (it IS your greatest asset in life!)