FAQ's & Urban Myths #5 ...

How frequently should I get a Massage?

The answer to this question is always going to be different from person to person, but it can also be variabe depending on what you are seeking massage for - injury rehabilitation? ... correcting/improving posture? ... as a compliment to an exercise or training regime? ... for general health & well-being? ... the options are nearly as endless as people are individual. In general and broad terms you can approach this question from whichever one of these perspectives applies most to you ...

The average, healthy individual - who is not carrying injury or extreme postural dysfunction - will usually be able to expect satisfactory results from a treatment frequency around 4 weeks or so. Some will find they still feel good going as long as 6-8 weeks between treatments, and others can go longer still ... a big part of this equation is how you look after your own body between treatments.

If you work your body hard - at work and/or play - if you have a very physical job with heavy lifting, or if you train at the gym 5+ times every week - then you will very likely be thinking no longer than 4 weeks between treatments.

If you are recovering from injury, or working towards change or correction with your posture - you should consider coming more frequently with shorter periods of time between treatments ... along the lines of 1-2 weeks frequency.

if you are serious about competing in your sport, and want regular treatment to support your focussed training, you are very likely going to be thinking weekly frequency - every 2 weeks at the very least - some athletes will come twice a week for a few weeks to get targeted treatment leading into an important event.

At the end of the day - YOU are the only person who can answer this question for yourself ... Everyone is individual and unique - and everyone responds differently to Remedial Treatment - the most important thing you can do is LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BODY, and come as frequently as you feel you need to.

It can (and most likely will be) something that you need to refine for yourself over time, but you just need to remember to come back BEFORE you feel too tight and sore.