Ange - Remedial Massage Therapist

Diploma of Remedial Massage. 

currently studying a

Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science.

I am available for appointment 2days every week :

Tuesday's & Thursday's - 2pm to 9pm ...

Hi there, I’m Ange. I am one of the Remedial Massage Therapists here at HANDS from HEAVEN, and I’ve been part of the Clinic Therapy Team for 16 months now after graduating from Q Academy in May 2016 with a Diploma of Remedial Therapy.

I have always had an interest in how Remedial Massage is able to help the body with pain management and assist with improving mobility. Personally I found it beneficial for injury prevention and performance improvement as a Golf Professional competing on the Australian Ladies Tour.

I like to treat all clients as individuals, because we are. We are not all the same height or body shape, some clients might work all day at a computer, some are active all day. This is how I like to massage, I work out a plan by assessing your needs. This could be from what you have told me such as bad headaches or I may ask you to perform a small number of assessment tests to see what is causing the complaint.

I enjoy using a variety of techniques such as - Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Techniques, MET & PNF, Trigger Point Release, Myofascial Techniques, and of course Swedish massage ... which also underpins a majority of techniques used in massage therapy.

Postural correction is an area that I have gained an interest in, some examples of postural complaints can be that you (I admit, I’m guilty of this) have spent too long on your phone and feel that you are suffering from “tech neck” or long days in front of the computer and your feeling like your back is screaming “help”, my goal for the treatment is for you to reach your goal!