General questions about this clinic ...

This page is designed to provide an idea of what to expect when you come here for treatment ... more information can be found in our Terms of Service document. A link to this PDF can be found on the Home Page of this site.

When are we here ?

At this clinic we try our very best to be available when our community and client base need us.

We are a 7-Day Clinic - Open 7am-9pm Monday to Friday, and 8am-4pm on Saturday's and Sunday's. We are also open 9am-3pm on most Public Holidays - all because we understand that Standard Times don't always suit everyone.

Experience has taught us that most appointments usually get booked for either 30 or 60 minutes, and so we try to keep appointment times running on the hour and/or the half-hour so that it is more convenient for everyone. Of course if you would prefer a 45 or 90 minute appointment, you are absolutely welcome to choose that time.

Booking an Appointment ONLINE - Through our Client Portal!

You can make an appointment at this clinic 4 ways ... You can call us, you can email us, you can come in to clinic in person, or you can make your appointment directly and immediately through our Online & Electronic Appointment Diary Client Portal. All you do is simply click the 'Make an Appointment NOW!'  button below and you will automatically be re-directed to the 'Sign In' page of our Appointment Diary (the Power Diary) ...

Any person who has had a treatment at this clinic at any time in the past will have a Client Profile ... please log-in to the Client Portal by using the email address we would have on your Client Profile, and the password you chose the first time you logged on, to see what appointments are available.

  • The email that we have on your Client Profile will be the email you identified on your Confidential Client History Form at your very first appointment, and it should be the email you use most frequently - or the email you want to use for making appointments, and/or having Appointment Receipts forwarded to from this clinic.
  • If you cannot remember either (or both) of your email or password - but you know you have had treatment at this clinic before - please either call clinic directly on 3352 5334 or send us an email to to let us know, and we can reset your log-in details and/or make your appointment for you.
  • If you have changed your email since the last time you used the Client Portal - please either call clinic directly on 3352 5334 or send us an email to to advise us what the correct email address is, and we will update your Client Profile so you can use the portal with ease.

How do our Gift Vouchers work?

Any and All vouchers purchased (or earned) through this clinic are denoted for a 'Duration of Time' as opposed to 'An amount of Money' ... That is to say - 

  • YOU CAN purchase a Gift Voucher for a 30/45/60/90 minute massage.
  • YOU CANNOT purchase a Gift Voucher for an amount of money (ie: $25.00, $50.00, etc).
  1. All Gift Vouchers are priced according to our Standard Pricing Structure - Concession Rates, Loyalty Discounts, and Health Fund Rebates DO NOT APPLY to Gift Vouchers.
  2. All vouchers sold (or earned) through this clinic are VALID for SIX(6) MONTHS from the DATE of PURCHASE/ISSUE - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Vouchers sold or issued by this clinic ARE NOT Refundable, or Re-deemable for Cash - NO EXCEPTIONS.

If a voucher remains un-used 4 weeks before it is due to expire, we offer a Reminder Call to prompt redemption ofthe voucher. Therefore, NO COMPENSATION will be offered by this clinic if a voucher expires unused.

What does your appointment include?

At this clinic we sell Treatment Time. This means you buy 30/45/60/90 minutes of time that will cover everything from Hello's to Goodbye's ...

Your appointment time will include taking any history if necessary, any Clinical Assessment required to establish your Treatment Plan for today, providing your massage, re-assessing (if required) after your massage, and also the payment and re-booking process. To get the most out of your appointment we suggest being prepared for your massage by knowing where you would like us to focus your treatment today ... Shoulders - Hips - Headache Relief - Pre/Post Event - General Maintenance - Identifying any particular or specific focus V's a more general all over approach to yourmassage.

When it comes to Massage Styles, we also firmly believe that variety is the spice of life ... You can choose which ever - and how many - styles you would like included in your massage. Generally we tend to incorporate all that we know with every treatment, to get the best results for what you want every time. It might be a blend of Deep Tissue with some Trigger Point Release and Cupping ... or it might be a general Deep Tissue Maintenance style massage with some Reflexology for your tired feet ... or it might even be a variety of deep, focused techniques to release stubborn knots through your shoulders ... 

Our suggestion - check out the 'What We Do' page of this site and see what we offer, then choose what you want.

A Free Gift for you !

After your massage, we like to offer each and every client a bag of Epsom Salts for a relaxing bath ... this will help your circulatory system evacuate metabolic waste from your body, and help you feel much better.

It is not compulsory to accept this bag of Epsom Salt, but it is highly recommended ...

Reminders ...

As a courtesy to our clients, our Electronic Appointment Diary sends a reminder text message to your mobile phone the day before your appointment. If we do not have a mobile phone number connected with your Client File in our Appointment Diary, unfortunately we will not be able to send you a reminder message.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact clinic directly to reschedule or cancel your appointment.

Please understand that you can book a new appointment online through our Online Appointment Diary,

but you cannot change or cancel an existing appointment.

Please be on time ...

We do our very best to run on time and therefore we ask that you arrive at clinic on time for your scheduled appointment.

If you are a new client, please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow time to fill out a Confidential Client History Form.

If you are running late, your appointment may be shortened to ensure there is no inconvenience to other clients following your appointment.

What if you miss your appointment?

If you miss your appointment and fail to let us know, there will be a No Show Fee of $20.00 to be paid with or before your next appointment.

We understand that some things are beyond your control, but we are only a phone call away if you run into trouble keeping your appointment. Somebody else may be able to take your appointment if you cannot - but we can't release your time to them unless we know you can't make it ... please be considerate of others.

Also, please understand ... If you have three or more 'No Shows' you will be required to pay for your next appointment in full when you make it, otherwise we will not be able to accept your booking.

Policy for Opening Public Holidays ...

We maintain our commitment to our clients insofar as being here when they need and/or want us. We recognize that for some people a public holiday may be the only opportunity they have to come for treatment - Therefore, on most Public Holidays, clinic will be Open with Reduced Hours (9am-3pm)

There will always be 4 days every year that Clinic will definitely NOT be Open at all, and they are :-
Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Years Day.

Please note !

These policies are at the PracticeManager's discretion, and are in place to ensure we give all our clients the best service possible - fairly across the board.

If you have any suggestions or comments about how we operate in this clinic, please either talk to us directly or you can email me directly at and I will respond as quickly as I can.

Thank you for your business, your time, and your cooperation.