Health Fund Rebates ...

When it comes to claiming a rebate for your massage with your Health Fund, please be aware that all funds are different. The best way to find out how much your rebate will be, or whether you can actually make claim for rebate is to call your fund directly and ask them. From a providers perspective, being eligible to offer Health Fund Rebates depends purely on Qualification and Membership with a recognised Professional Massage Association.

I would like to confirm for you that all Remedial Massage Therapists working here at HANDS from HEAVEN meet those requirements, and you can always present their receipts to your fund for Rebate - provided you have the appropriate coverage in your insurance package.

Please also understand that Relaxation Massage does not meet the requirements set by the Health Funds, and so any receipt for a Relaxation Massage will not be elligible for rebate claim - regardless of your level of coverage.

HICAPS is available at HANDS from HEAVEN...

HICAPS is the automatic and electronic way to claim your rebate at the same time you pay for your massage.  Being able to claim your rebate via HICAPS means that you will only be 'out-of-pocket' the difference between our charge (according to our current Pricing Structure) and the rebate amount paid by your Health Fund (better known as the 'Gap Payment'). 

It should always be remembered however that each health fund will make their own decision in-house about which modalities they will allow on their own HICAPS Schedule. Remedial Massage is continuing to increase it's presence in the electronic world of HICAPS, but still not all funds that pay rebate for Remedial Massage will do so via HICAPS. 

Always remember that while your fund may pay you a rebate for Remedial Massage, it may not do it electronically via HICAPS, and that is their decision ... it has no reflection on us as providers or our eligibility to offer rebates.

A list of the Health Funds that currently offer rebate for Remedial Massage via HICAPS is on display in our clinic reception ... It is also available on the HICAPS website ( ... Alternatively you can always phone your Health Fund directly to ask if they include Remedial Massage on their HICAPS Schedule. 

If you are a member of any fund on that list, then always bring your membership card with you to clinic so we can swipe it through our HICAPS Terminal to make your claim on-the-spot electronically.

If you are a member of a Health Fund that does not include Remedial Massage on the HICAPS Schedule, but you are still eligible to make claim for rebate with your fund, you will need to ask usfor a printed copy of a receipt to forward to your fund for manual processing of your rebate.