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This page of our website lists and describes the various Rewards Programs we offer YOU -our valued clients. The content of this page may change over time so be sure to keep an eye on it to make sure you get the best of what we have to offer.

Please Note that both the Loyalty Discount and Referral Reward Program are initiatives of this clinic, and therefore apply to all appointments across all therapists. Neither benefit is restricted or isolated to any specific therapist.

We all understand that some people are happy as long as they are getting quality treatment, regardless of which of our therapists are providing it ... and we also understand that some people prefer the continuity of care that can be provided when they see the same therapist every time ...

Therefore the deciding factor with the Loyalty Discount is the frequency of your appointments and not whether you see the same therapist every time ... And the important aspect of the Referral Reward Program is that the new client comes to this clinic, and of course identifies you as thier reason for choosing this clinic.

Loyalty Discount.

$10 saving to YOU - just for making Regular Massage a part of your everyday lifestyle.

The very core of the Loyalty Discount is to encourage you to look after your self a little more.

Everybody is busy, and everybody finds it difficult to find time for themself - but everybody also needs to look after themself so that they can look after their families too.

We encourage our clients to listen to their body more closely and come for treatment BEFORE they desperately need it ... We encourage our clients to think more proactively than reactively - Take a Preventative Action rather than Curative Reaction ...

Therefore, if you come back for Follow-up Treatment (or Maintenance Massage) within 28 days (or 4 weeks) of your most previous appointment, we will give you an automatic $10 Discount on your massage ... this applies to ALL Massages here in clinic - Standard or Concession appointments, and alsoregardless of how long your massage is (30 minutes or up to 90 minutes)!

The important things to remember are:

  • The Loyalty Discount is a 28 Day or 4 Week cycle - NOT 1 Month ... there is only 1 month in the year that is 28 days long, all the rest are more than that - so appointments that are 1 month apart will not qualify for the Loyalty Discount.

  • This is a continuous and ongoing discount - as long as you continue to come in every 28 days or sooner, you will get a $10 discount every time ... If you miss your 28 days at anytime, that massage will not be given the discount.

Referral Reward Program.

A FREE 60-minute Massage for YOU for every 5 referrals that identify you as their reason for coming to this clinic.

The core of the Referral Reward Program is to encourage our clients to act as 'Walking-and-Talking' marketing for this clinic. If you are happy with what we can do for you - Please spread the word, and tell all your family, friends, work colleagues, and sports team mates.

Every person who comes to this clinic for the first time completes a Confidential Health History Form that helps us build a more personal Treatment Plan specifically for them. 1 question on that form asks how they found out about this clinic - essentially, who steered them our way.

All they need to do is write your name at that question and you get a tick against your Clinic Client Profile ... and EVERY TIME you achieve 5 ticks, you receive a Referral Rewards Voucher  ... and that voucher entitles you to a FREE 60 MINUTE MASSAGE! 

The important things to remember are:

  • The New Client MUST nominate your name as their referrer so that your profile gets the recognition.

  • When you receive a Referral Rewards Voucher it will be valid for 3 Months from the date of issue - this will be clearly noted on the voucher. 

  • You can gift your voucher to a friend or family member, but it MUST be produced at the time of the appointment for it to be recognised and redeemed.