1-on-1 (or Couples) Therapeutic Yoga .

I am proud to support a business partnership between my Remedial Therapy Clinic (Hands From Heaven) and Alison from Clear Skies Yoga to offer 1 on 1 Therapeutic Yoga sessions - for Beginners, to Pregnancy sessions, to Injury Rehabilitation sessions, or even if you just prefer that Individual & Personal touch to your Yoga practice.

Yoga Sessions are available on:

Monday                       -   9:30am til 2:30pm;

Tuesday, Thursday     -  930am til 2:30pm, and         and Friday                      5:00pm til 9:00pm

Saturday & Sunday    -  9:30am til 4:00pm.

Sessions are available 6 days per week - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - and all weekend ... if you have not tried Yoga before (but have always wanted to) I can testify that Alison is the right person to start you on your way, and help you get the most from Yoga.

If you would be more comfortable coming with a close friend to get the focused attention Alison offers with her Yoga, you can always book a Couples Session ... 

"One on one yoga sessions are the perfect way to tailor your practice to your needs. They are great for beginners who want to gain a little confidence before joining a group class or anyone managing an injury or health condition.Working with Alison Sykes gives you personal access to one of Brisbane's most experienced yoga teachers. Alison specialises in adaptive yoga, seeking to find ways of making the practices of yoga accessible to those who need a tailored approach. In these sessions you will learn modifications, use props, targeted pose choices to suit your needs, and be guided with breathing and meditation strategies."

from www.clearskiesyoga.com.au

If you would like to learn more about what Alison & Yoga can do for you - click here to follow through to Clear Skies Yoga website,

To make an appointment for Yoga - you can book through our Client Portal, or through the Clear Skies Yoga website, or you can also book via email at info@clearskiesyoga.com.au .